About Goodale Farms

Since the Mid-1800s

Traditional Farming on the
East End of Long Island

At Goodale Farms we value traditional farming and believe that fresh, local, and seasonal food is best for our customers. The Goodale family has been farming the East End of Long Island since the mid-1800s and we take pride in continuing that tradition.

We chose to continue our family farming tradition because we wanted to provide our community with a better alternative to mass-produced store-bought food. Knowing where your food comes from and how it has been processed has been a driving force on the farm.

Goodale Farms
I love being a farmer and my family loves living on a farm. We are honored to be able to provide farm-fresh quality meat, dairy and produce to Suffolk County, Nassau County, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. You’ll be able to taste the difference with Goodale Farms’ products, and we’re happy to welcome you back to the farm.

- Hal Goodale, Owner of Goodale Farms

“Have been enjoying Goodale Farms produce for awhile now and they never fail in terms of taste, freshness and price!”

Patricia Duggan Eren

New Hyde Park, NY

“We got our first delivery. Really happy with it. Can’t wait to try delicious cheese and meat. Thank you.”

Olka Borowiec

“We’ve devoured pretty much everything in our box this week so far. Cheeses, veggies and meats are phenomenal. The sirloin tip I made tonight was better than most filet mignons I’ve had. So happy I signed up!”

Rachel Ferretti Johnson

Our Commitment to Farming

We treat all of our animals humanely and with great respect. I want my customers to feel good about the food they buy from Goodale Farms which is why we do not use antibiotics, steroids, or growth hormones. We try to farm as close to nature as we can. However, should the occasion arise where we need to treat an animal or crop to prevent death or loss, we will utilize every option available to us. That animal or product will never be offered to the public until we have cleared any such treatment from its system.

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