RIVERHEAD, Long Island (WABC) — Goodale Farms in Riverhead is bringing a new meaning towards “farm to table” dining by delivering fresh dairy, meat, and produce right to your door.

The Goodale family has been farming the east end of Long Island since the mid-1800s and has continued to maintain their traditional farming presence in the community.

“We’re kind of the modern milkman,” manager Christianna Van De Wetering said. “We’re going to be the personal farmer for each family who signs up for the program.”

Their farm-to-door delivery program started five years ago and continues to grow as word of mouth spreads throughout New York.

Goodale Farms currently makes deliveries throughout Long Island, Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.

If you want to make a trip out of your visit to the farm, there are plenty of activities you can participate in.

You can feed their goats by the bottle, take a tour of the grounds, and pick out your ingredients first hand.

If you can’t make it out to the farm, not to worry, because they frequent farmer’s markets throughout the year at a variety of locations.

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At Goodale Farms we value traditional farming and believe that fresh, local, and seasonal food is best for our customers which is why we do not use antibiotics, steroids, or growth hormones. It is our goal to provide the best quality products with as little human intervention as possible. To us, that's what it means to be farm fresh.

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