Hello and Happy Friday! We have recently launched a new Goodale Farms website. Check it out – //www.goodalefarms.com/.

We want to let all of our Home Delivery Program customers know that online ordering is now available! If you are a current program member, you should have recently received an email with login information for the website. Please check your inbox or maybe even your spam folder for an email from Goodale Farms. This email will tell you what you need to do to log in and place orders on our weekly order form, which is located on the site at //www.goodalefarms.com/weekly-order-form/.  PLEASE NOTE: your current default order will not change, so if you are happy with what you get each week, you need to do nothing. If you would like to swap out some items on a weekly basis, login to the website and place a new order, and this will be what you receive on your next delivery. You can also purchase additional add-on items that will be shipped with your order.

The Weekly Order Form is live now, but moving forward the form will only be available from 8 am Saturdays until 12 noon on Mondays.

If you have any problems logging in, please contact support@goodalefarms.com.

If you would like more information about our Weekly Home Delivery Program, please go to http://goodalefarms.com/home-delivery-program/ or call us at 631-901-5975.

Have a great weekend!