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It is our mission to provide our community with healthy, high-quality food, and now you can have that with ease on a weekly basis. You and your family will be able to taste the farm-fresh difference and once you stop consuming processed foods from the grocery store, your bodies’ will thank you. Our farm-to-door delivery program will provide fresh and local dairy, produce, and pastured meats without steroids, antibiotics, or growth hormones brought straight to your door. You’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re feeding yourself and your family local healthy farm-fresh food and supporting a local farm family at the same time. It’s time to come back to the farm.

Goodale Meal Program
Ordering Your First Box

How It Works

1. First, Select Your Box Size

We offer three convenient farm box plans that fit any lifestyle. Whether you’re a single lover of fresh foods or cooking for a family of four, select a size that works best for you.

2. Next, Setup Your Account

Fill in your contact information and delivery address. Boxes will be delivered to the “shipping” address you select at checkout.

3. Then, Complete Your Purchase

We’ve made shopping with us fast and convenient with secure online payments. Each month, you’ll be automatically charged for your selected plan.

4. Finally, Fill Your First Box

Now the fun part, after completing your registration, you’ll be able to fill your first box. Pick from our available selection of dairy, meats, and produce. This box will also serve as your temporary default order.

Your order will be fulfilled in the first week of the month following registration. For example, if you signup on the 20th of June, your first box will be delivered in the first week of July.

Fill A New Box Each Week

Each week, you’ll be able to fill a new box of Goodale Farm products. Boxes can be filled beginning at 12pm on Tuesdays and ending at 10am on Mondays. Make your box that much more special by selecting any of our delicious add-ons.

Standard, Large, or Vegetarian

Choose Your Box

2-4 people
Standard Plan
  • 3 Dairy Products
  • 2 Pasture-raised Meats
  • 7-8 Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
  • Farm Fresh Add-ons
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4-6 people
Large Plan
  • 4 Dairy Products
  • 3 Pasture-raised Meats
  • 10 Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
  • Farm Fresh Add-ons
Get the Box
2-4 people
Vegetarian Plan
  • 3 Dairy Products
  • 10 Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
  • Farm Fresh Add-ons
Get the Box

“Have been enjoying Goodale Farms produce for awhile now and they never fail in terms of taste, freshness and price!”

Patricia Duggan Eren

New Hyde Park, NY

“We got our first delivery. Really happy with it. Can’t wait to try delicious cheese and meat. Thank you.”

Olka Borowiec

“We’ve devoured pretty much everything in our box this week so far. Cheeses, veggies and meats are phenomenal. The sirloin tip I made tonight was better than most filet mignons I’ve had. So happy I signed up!”

Rachel Ferretti Johnson

Frequently Asked Questions

Orders are delivered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays based on your location. Exact delivery times vary.

Products vary by the season. Typically, we carry a variety of meats, dairy, and produce year-round.

You may reach us on Facebook or call us at (631) 901-5975.

You may reach us directly at (631) 901-5975.

After filling your box, you will receive an email confirmation of your order. Your box will arrive the following week.

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your membership level  by visiting your account dashboard and making changes before the 25th of the month for changes or cancelations for the upcoming month, changes and cancelations must be made by the 25th of the month. Changes made to your membership will take effect during the next billing cycle (following month).

Yes! Each time you fill your weekly box, you’ll have the option to updated your default order to include the items in that box.

A few times a year, a month will have five weekly orders instead of four. For those months, you will receive a separate invoice for the extra week.

I love being a farmer and my family loves living on a farm. We are honored to be able to provide farm-fresh quality meat, dairy and produce to Suffolk County, Nassau County, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. You’ll be able to taste the difference with Goodale Farms’ products, and we’re happy to welcome you back to the farm.

- Hal Goodale, Owner of Goodale Farms