Goodie’s Inflation Buster Meat Special


Goodie’s Inflation Buster Meat Special!! 25lbs of our top quality meats. Perfectly fits in 1/2 of a standard freezer. Month + worth of meat! Delivered to your home!!!

All Beef Dry Aged Black Angus.  All meat pastured and no steroids or antibiotics EVER!!!

3lb Sirloin Steak, 3 lb Ground Sirloin, 3lb NY Strip Steak, 3lb Beef Roast, 4lb Chicken Cutlet, 2 Whole Chickens, 1.25lb Apple Wood Smoked bacon, 2lb Italian Sausage, 2lb Breakfast Sausage, 2lb Cubed Sirloin, 1 four pack of Chicken Burgers.

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