Terms of Service

Please understand these terms and conditions are in place to keep us in the field, barn and production area.  Providing our members with the highest quality and healthy food is our first concern. Paperwork takes away from that time.  It is not fair to our members that appreciate and understand our program if we have to sacrifice time for those who do not or can not understand what we do.

  1. I understand I am signing up for a monthly home delivery CSA. I will be billed on the first of each month for the upcoming month.  Bills will be for the number of deliveries in that month which is typically 4 weeks and there are a few months with 5 weeks.
  2. In order to receive the standard billing rate, we need to receive payment before or on the first. After the first, all open invoices will have a $25 administrative fee added to them for the time we have to spend on billing.
  3. When opting out of the program or requesting weeks to not receive the delivery, we need to be informed by the 25th of the month before.  You cannot opt-out mid-month.  If you choose to you will not receive a refund as those weeks have been allotted to you.  We allow members to request up to 4 weeks a calendar year to not receive deliveries and if we are notified by the 25th of the month prior you will not be billed for those weeks.  If notified after the 25th we will not deliver but you will still be billed, and no credits will be issued.  After 4 requests to not receive deliver you will not receive credits.  We will if requested by the 25th of the month prior to double up your order for weeks before or after a request for non-delivery.  If you suspend your service for more than 1 month, we reserve the right to replace your spot with a family on our waiting list.
  4. Any changes for the upcoming month need to be EMAILED to CSA@goodalefarms.com before the 26th of the current month. All changes to the upcoming month will be done on the 27th after which point there will be no changes made as to billing.
  5. To keep costs down we recycle; Bottles, Boxes, and Freezer bags.  Please have them out each week to be picked up.  Unless you live in an apartment building where it is not possible, we require that you leave a cooler outside that your delivery can be placed in.  This helps keep the product cool in summer and from freezing in the winter.  It also serves a good place to put your returns, so they do not blow away.
  6. Your selections for dairy are honored 98% of the time.  Your Meat selection is a suggestion.  We try to honor to our best ability.   Depending on our butchering schedule and what members order each week we sometimes run out of certain cuts.  There are no options on the produce box unless you give us a stated allergy, we will not send you that item.
  7. Delivery days usually are the same each week.  Those days can change due to holidays, weather, and or staffing issues.  We will notify you of changes by email/text.